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When the lovely people at Modcloth gave me a gift card for their Spring-Time to Shine contest, I knew exactly which dress from my wishlist I wanted to buy with it! I’m new to the glasses club, only having worn them for a couple of years now, and I feel like the Clear as Day Off dress is the perfect way to make a spectacle of myself (haha). I kept this outfit simple, only adding a Lane Bryant belt and some black flats from Zappos. I feel like I’m channeling my inner Enid from Ghost World.


Now is a good time to mention two of my new Pinterest boards! On my Oh, So Close! board, I pin similar items to the ones I wear on the blog that are no longer available. Also, I have my Great Gals Dress Alike board where I search the web for fashionistas who are wearing some of the same things I wear here. Check out all of my boards to see what I’m obsessing about on a daily basis. As always, thanks for stopping by!




Dare to Bare!

May 27, 2014 — 10 Comments


You dared; I bared! Well, just a little bit. In my Triple Style Dare post, I asked you which fashion-forward trend I should try, and you picked bare midriff! And, to show I’m a woman of my word, here’s the outfit with a little missin’ in the middle:


This eShakti top and skirt set arrived just in time for some Memorial Day pics, and the weather felt every bit like a summer day. Please excuse me if I glow a bit more in outfit photos over the next few months–the heat in Louisiana is pretty brutal. Anyway, since eShakti allows you to tweek certain aspects of their clothes when you order, I decided to add a cap sleeve to the top; however, while I do like the custom fit of the outfit, I don’t think I’ll be wearing the top much. Because it isn’t fitted under the bust, I show a lot more than my midriff when I raise my arms, if you know what I mean–so, no high-fives, okay?  I do anticipate wearing the navy skirt often as it goes with many things in my closet, and it was main reason I decided to buy this particular outfit.


I love the rose tones in the necklace and earrings from Charming Charlie. A chunky statement necklace is perfect for such a simple neckline. I decided on neutral flats from Zappos because I didn’t want the shoes to compete with the rest of the look.


So, I guess I’m not a chicken! Maybe I’ll actually show my belly at my belly dance performance next week…stay tuned!


Make Me A Mixtape

May 19, 2014 — 3 Comments








Top: Lane Bryant//Skirt: H&M//Flats: Simply Be//Earrings: Modcloth//Necklace: Jaeci @ Shop Soul


Check it out! This may look like your run-of-the-mill closet, but guess what–it’s organized! At least a couple of times a year I do this. I sort my clothes according to type: pants, tops, skirts, dresses, etc. It gets a little more specific than that, but mostly it involves putting like-items together in my own self-imposed categories. It helps me figure out what needs to stay, what needs to go, and how I can mix and match the keepers in new ways. Before you think I’m a complete neat freak, after a couple of weeks I usually get lazy and hang things up anywhere. Still, it gives me a good baseline to work from, and I usually uncover things I haven’t worn in a while that make it back into my everyday wardrobe.

This was my first time organizing my closet since I’ve started blogging, and let me tell you, it was an eye-opener. Now, I know I’ve been buying a lot of clothes lately, but there’s something about seeing all of those little darlin’s lined up on hangers that can really make a girl have a real “come to Jesus” moment. I know Carrie Bradshaw (to paraphrase) likes her money hanging in her closet right where she can see it, but Carrie wasn’t living out of a bedroom in her parents’ house working a retail job. I can blame blogging, but really it’s just another scapegoat to rationalize an out-of-control shopping habit. Sure, in the moment I click “Checkout,” I think, At least I’ll wear it in the blog, but really, for the last few months, it was just fun to get new things. While I don’t have a boyfriend-boyfriend, clothes became my “boyfriend” while I also have been gettin’ some on the side with records, make-up, accessories, knitting, Instagram, and belly dancing. Basically, I just need to stop being so slutty. Not that any of these interests are bad, but I definitely need to slow my roll in a few areas of my life.

That’s why I’m taking a two month plus break from shopping–clothes, jewelry, and make-up, as well as dialing back in other areas as well. These are the conditions:

1- From today through July 31 – No new clothes, no new make-up, no new jewelry or accessories, no new shoes, and no new belly dancing costume pieces. After my current orders come in, no more ’til August, and only then if I need it.

2- The only exception to #1 is Gwynnie Bee. I recently started a two-garment-out-at-a-time free trial, and I’m not sure how it will go since I don’t know how the sizing runs on many of many of the brands they carry, but I will allow myself to buy something from them if I like what they send me, but that’s it.

3- No new yarn, no CDs, no iTunes. I have tons of yarn already, and I haven’t even listened to all the music I own. I am allowed to buy two new records per paycheck. I am only human.

But what about the blog!? The blog will be just fine. I actually think my over-shopping has been taking me farther away from my initial mission and reason for starting Super Style Me in the first place which is developing a personal style through many means–shopping for new things only being one of them. Notice that I haven’t had a DIY project posted in a while? Exactly. I lost my way even this early in the game. Also, I want to learn more about the business end of blogging, but I’ve been a little afraid of moving forward. It’s an easy cycle to fall into to get dressed up, take some pictures, and post an outfit every few days; however, doing that and only that over and over is keeping me from growing this little venture into what it truly can be.

That being said, I still have many things I’ve bought in the last few weeks that haven’t made it on the blog yet, so I have potential outfit posts for weeks. Also, I love it when bloggers repeat garments in inventive ways. Rebecca, The Clothes Horse is one of the first fashion blogs I’ve followed, and in her Sunday Remix, she shows how certain pieces reappear in her daily outfits even after years of blogging. I believe this very concept is great for everyone, and it could work well for the plus-size community because we unfortunately don’t always have the variety of clothing as standard sizes do. Why not show multiple ways to wear the same thing? I’ve also been taking a look at the One Suitcase Series on Outfit Posts. While this advice is meant more for what to wear while traveling, I think there are many good takeaways for mixing and matching your wardrobe for seasonal and lifestyle purposes.

Hopefully, my little shopping break will help me re-imagine my closet and my blog. Sometimes when faced with limitations, we become our most creative selves, and money can’t buy that! Thanks for sticking with me while I figure it all out. I promise, it will be fun!


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Dress: eShakti (Different color; customized to be sleeveless)//Bracelet: Charming Charlie//Necklace and Earring Set: Charming Charlie//Sandals: Torrid (old)


May 8, 2014 — 5 Comments

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I didn’t get a lot of good full-outfit photos of this dress mainly because my bra strap kept making an appearance. If you’re good at Where’s Waldo?, you may even spot it a few times…

IMG_1913 copy


IMG_1901 copy 2I had some fun with my make-up. Teal eyeliner and bright orange-red lips!

IMG_1906 copy


I got these shoes from Torrid a few years ago. I haven’t worn them much, but they’re so cute that I can’t part with them. Maybe they were waiting for this dress…

IMG_1878 copy

This Lane Bryant dress was one of my first attempts of wearing white, and I love the summery look! Also, another Where’s Waldo challenge–can you spot the farm equipment in the background? See ya next time!


When I saw this dress on eShakti, it reminded me of one of my favorite fashion lines from my teen years, X-Girl. Being an indie/alt-rock music lover, of course I loved the style of the brand co-founded by Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and the fact that it was the sister company of X-Large, often sported by the Beastie Boys. Here’s more information about X-Girl in an article from Teen Vogue, including a vintage clip from House of Style at an X-Girl fashion show–P.S. Sophia Coppola and Spike Jonze make a cameo appearance. I totally coveted the turquoise and lime green ringer dress in the video! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fit in their clothes back then, but twenty years later, I feel like I got the next best thing with this a-line dress–customized to my measurements , and I even specified for them to add a cap sleeve. I can’t wait for X-Girl to make their comeback for a whole new generation to rock their style!


What’s more ’90s than a pair of Vans? If this picture looks unnatural, it’s because I don’t do running…





IMG_1829Love these anatomical heart earrings from Australian-designer, Jumbly-Umph! They have great tattoo-inspired jewelry and accessories. I found them locally in Covington, LA at Shop Soul. Rey always has such cool and eclectic stuff!


Of course, since I’m in the ’90s mood, I had to include the obligatory high school portrait pose of leaning against a tree for no apparent reason. Peace out from the Class of ’97!



If you’re plus sized, you may have had the same experiences I have had with thrift shopping–I rarely find anything. Imagine being in this situation if you were about to interview for an awesome new job, and you couldn’t afford a professional outfit to make a good first impression. That’s where Dress for Success steps in. With affiliates worldwide, they provide work-appropriate clothing and career assistance to women, and they accept donations from people like you. When visiting my local Dress for Success affiliate in New Orleans (on Magazine Street, a few blocks from Audubon Zoo), I found out they not only provide interview-wear for their clients, but also a week’s worth of versatile outfits once they get the job. However, much like other places that accept donated clothing, they need more plus sizes! Here is where to find your local chapter’s location and hours. Along with gently used garments, they accept accessories, gift cards, and monetary donations. The New Orleans chapter is also participating in Give Nola Day, which benefits non-profits in the New Orleans area, so May 6th is a great day to go online and make a donation. Remember Dress for Success when you’re cleaning out your closet this spring!