30 Day Style Challenge, Day 1: Where ya been?

September 9, 2014 — 10 Comments



Well, look who’s back! I know it’s been a while, but I hope you like what you see. Check out my site’s new look! My good friend, fellow belly dancer, and future roomie, Kristi designed the title banner above as well as some nice business cards and graphics to use on social media. If you’re looking for a graphic designer, she’s your girl! Check out her work on her Facebook page. I’ll also be taking some (hopefully) better pictures with my new DSLR camera. I’m still learning how to use it, and I’m waiting for my Dummies book to arrive, so hang in there with me while I figure it all out. I’ve also updated my About and Where to Shop pages, so take a look at those for some extra info.

What’s been going on since I last posted? I decided to resign my job at 2nd and Charles. The main reason was money out was exceeding money in with work expenses, and I want to pursue work more aligned with my education and experience in writing, PR, and broadcasting–something in the marketing field, perhaps, though I’m open to other things. I live in a rural area and the commute on a retail salary was a bit much in fuel and other costs, but I will miss seeing my friends, former co-workers, and of course, the records and books, on a daily basis. It’s been a great nine years with Books-A-Million, Inc.



In sadder news, I lost a buddy of mine. Our oldest family dog, Scooter passed due to cancer. He showed up at my parents house as a very small puppy while I was still living in San Antonio, and I moved home shortly after. He had a happy eleven years living in the country, and I’ll miss him bunches.


Photo from pandoriumbellydance.com

Photo from pandoriumbellydance.com

I’ve been gearing up for my first Renaissance faire as a belly dancer! My friend and teacher, Jacquie (above in burgundy, Kristi is on the right in green) runs Pandorium Belly Dance, and has been teaching me all kinds of cool dance moves and neat tricks, such as balancing a scimitar (sword) on my head and learning to play the zils (finger cymbals). All the dancers have been practicing really hard for the faire in November. Look forward to more Ren Faire inspired posts, and if you want to find out more about all the happenings at the Louisiana Renaissance Faire, check out their webpage here.


0909StyleGalleryIt’s outfit time! I’ve decided to join my blogging buddy, Lei-Loni of Clothe Your Curves, in her 30 Day Style Challenge. She’s on day 15, which means she’s halfway there! While she’s challenging herself to do posts using only what’s currently in her closet, I’ve decided to simply to do an outfit post everyday because I’m only human and can’t resist picking up something new for that long; however, I do anticipate using mostly what I already own “because unemployment.” I’m happy I’m taking the challenge this time of year because of how I hope the weather will change in my neck of the woods. It still feels like summer here in Louisiana, but on day thirty it will be mid-October, and we should be seeing and feeling autumn. I think it will be neat to see how my wardrobe will transition to cooler temperatures day-by-day. I can’t wait for cardigan weather!

skirt edit2I’ve been itching to do an outfit post in this dress ever since I made my ModHaul video. It is a Bernie Dexter, and a while back I almost pulled a Cher Horowitz since I’m new to the world of retro-style dresses and said “he” is such a great designer. Turns out Bernie is a she, a gorgeous pin up model, and she makes some great dresses! Unfortunately, most of what I find by Bernie only goes up to size 2XL, but I was super lucky to find this one from ModCloth in 4X on sale before it went away. As you all know, I love a poppy print! I hesitate to call my under-skirt,
eShakti Women’s Dahlia crinoline
, a petticoat because it actually is meant to be a tulle skirt on its own. (Shoes: Zappos; Bracelet: Cato Fashions)


Do you want to see how some other fashionistas rocked this dress? Check out my “Great Gals Dress Alike” board on Pinterest. Also, I’ll be pinning similar items to the ones I’m wearing if they’re no longer available. Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to fun things here at Super Style Me and in my life, and I’d love for you all to join me for the ride!

What are you all most excited about for fall fashion? Leave me a comment!

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10 responses to 30 Day Style Challenge, Day 1: Where ya been?


    Welcome back! You were missed! XO ❤



    You look so cute! I was in search of that poppy print Bernie for the longest time ever until I recently scored one, and now it’s easily one of my favorite dresses. I love how you styled it with black shoes. And your lip color goes perfectly with the poppies! Hm, I may need to go out and buy some matching lip color now too, haha. I also recently resigned from my job (research tech at a public university) to pursue another field, it wasn’t easy so I feel you in that department! Sorry to hear about your dog! 😦

    xo, Serli



      Thanks, Serli! Sounds like we’re in this together! I just checked out your blog–loving your outfits! You’re wearing a yellow polka dot skirt in one of your posts from Modcloth I came very close to getting myself. Cheers!



    Becca- Loving the new blog look! It seems much more suiting to your colorful and fun personality. I am right there with you (And Serli too^ , hey girl!) on the job front, I left my nursing job to dive head first back into school full time in an attempt to get where I want to be with my career (Geriatric nurse practitioner- my weakness is for sure the elderly<3), so congrats- it will be well worth it when all is said and done! Love the dress and the rouge lipstick, you are just looking fabulous as always in that lovely BD!
    Can't wait to keep up with all of these new and exciting changes going on! Yay!
    ps- Belly dancing? You're pretty much fulfilling a childhood dream of mine. Why my parents would get me zils as a small child and then never let me take it further is beyond me! That is so awesome!
    Stop by and say hello if you haven't had a chance to see my page!
    ❤ your insta friend Amanda



      Thanks, Amanda! Sometimes you just need a change. Hope things are going well in school! Did you make your blog public? Sweet!



        I did! At least on Instagram I’ve linked it. I don’t post anything about it on my facebook though, as I get too nervous with people I know seeing it-I’m one of those people that kinda keeps to themselves. My friends tell me I live in “Amanda World” , I think because I’m just a happy person and like people/making friends and go bumbling about doing my own thing. Maybe I’ll get some courage one day and make it facebook official though- who knows what the future will bring! 🙂 And thanks for all your initial feedback in the beginning too, it really helped kind of shape it into what it is now! I super appreciate it 🙂
        Xo Amanda


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