30 Day Style Challenge, Day 11: A Case of the Fridays 091914 – Favorite Fall Flats

September 28, 2014 — 2 Comments

Hello, all! There’s no outfit post today since I was helping my belly dance troupe (and some very strong gentlemen) build a stage for the upcoming Louisiana Renaissance Festival. In case you missed it, here’s a flashback of my post about my favorite wide and extra wide width flats for fall. Hope you enjoy!

Super Style Me

DSC_0637_2_Fotordancydanceredux It’s Friday, and my happy feet have returned!  It’s gotta be the shoes. As much as I love clothes, I have never been a “shoe horse.” The reason–these big ‘ol 11WW feet are tough to fit. When your feet are wide, not to mention extra wide, a good pair of shoes is hard to find and a cute pair of shoes even harder. Luckily, through trial and error, I have found a few places offering fashionable footwear in W, WW (EE), EEE, and EEEEE widths, and what better way to get your feet wet than with checking out the best flats for fall!


DSC_0662_FotorcloseeditreduxAnnie Double Bow Flat by Comfortview

First, the shoes I’m wearing. Very Dorothy, don’t ya think? Jessica London has been my absolute favorite place to find shoes. Since I began blogging, I’ve been envious of other retro-inspired ladies wearing B.A.I.T. footwear knowing their shoes would…

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2 responses to 30 Day Style Challenge, Day 11: A Case of the Fridays 091914 – Favorite Fall Flats


    I love those red flats! I think red is the perfect color to make any outfit pop. I personally have two red flats and I think I need this one, too. I love the bows especially :).

    xo, Serli


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