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March 16, 2014 — 2 Comments

This top is very Joan Jett meets The Sandlot, n’est pas?

IMG_1054Top: Old Navy, Skirt: Lane Bryant, Sandals: Torrid, Necklace and Earrings: Columbia Street Mercantile, Bracelet: Cato Fashions



Check out these cute rings! I found them at Shop Soul in downtown Covington, LA. It was my first time visiting there, and I love all their funky jewelry, cool artwork, and NOLA inspired clothes and had a great time meeting Rey! Here’s where she posts on Instagram. I’ll definitely be back for seconds!

I hate to admit it, but I don’t shop local too often, at least not as much as I should. My little shopping trip yesterday got me thinking about why, and I think many plus sized peeps can relate. I got frustrated not being able to find anything in my size whether it was clothing or jewelry. Sure, the stuff at local stores was cute and unique, but I couldn’t wear any of it, so I stuck with shopping at the chain stores. But with being a crafter, a DIYer, and an indie music fan, I still feel pulled to things down home and outside of the mass market.

These rings are a good example of how a little imagination, ingenuity, creativity, or whatever you want to call it, can help you to walk into any store, plus size or not, and feel like you can still find something just for you. Knuckle rings are very on-trend lately, so here is how I plan to wear them:


 See? The trick is to think of things a bit outside of their intended use. This is great tip for thrifting, too. Find a too-small t-shirt? Turn it into an infinity scarf or into a tote bag if you want to show off the design. Got a stretchy bracelet with not quite enough stretch to make it around your wrist? Turn it into a sparkly hair tie! Thinking this makes your one-of-a-kind finds even more special because you’re wearing them your way. Another thing to remember is that local and smaller retailers know the plus-size market is growing more and more valuable, so always keep your eyes open. You never know who will be adding more sizes to their selection. Also, local shops often work with artists and designers who are willing to make custom and commissioned pieces. Ask if these creative people have an Etsy shop or a business card. Until next time, stay stylin’!