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Check it out! This may look like your run-of-the-mill closet, but guess what–it’s organized! At least a couple of times a year I do this. I sort my clothes according to type: pants, tops, skirts, dresses, etc. It gets a little more specific than that, but mostly it involves putting like-items together in my own self-imposed categories. It helps me figure out what needs to stay, what needs to go, and how I can mix and match the keepers in new ways. Before you think I’m a complete neat freak, after a couple of weeks I usually get lazy and hang things up anywhere. Still, it gives me a good baseline to work from, and I usually uncover things I haven’t worn in a while that make it back into my everyday wardrobe.

This was my first time organizing my closet since I’ve started blogging, and let me tell you, it was an eye-opener. Now, I know I’ve been buying a lot of clothes lately, but there’s something about seeing all of those little darlin’s lined up on hangers that can really make a girl have a real “come to Jesus” moment. I know Carrie Bradshaw (to paraphrase) likes her money hanging in her closet right where she can see it, but Carrie wasn’t living out of a bedroom in her parents’ house working a retail job. I can blame blogging, but really it’s just another scapegoat to rationalize an out-of-control shopping habit. Sure, in the moment I click “Checkout,” I think, At least I’ll wear it in the blog, but really, for the last few months, it was just fun to get new things. While I don’t have a boyfriend-boyfriend, clothes became my “boyfriend” while I also have been gettin’ some on the side with records, make-up, accessories, knitting, Instagram, and belly dancing. Basically, I just need to stop being so slutty. Not that any of these interests are bad, but I definitely need to slow my roll in a few areas of my life.

That’s why I’m taking a two month plus break from shopping–clothes, jewelry, and make-up, as well as dialing back in other areas as well. These are the conditions:

1- From today through July 31 – No new clothes, no new make-up, no new jewelry or accessories, no new shoes, and no new belly dancing costume pieces. After my current orders come in, no more ’til August, and only then if I need it.

2- The only exception to #1 is Gwynnie Bee. I recently started a two-garment-out-at-a-time free trial, and I’m not sure how it will go since I don’t know how the sizing runs on many of many of the brands they carry, but I will allow myself to buy something from them if I like what they send me, but that’s it.

3- No new yarn, no CDs, no iTunes. I have tons of yarn already, and I haven’t even listened to all the music I own. I am allowed to buy two new records per paycheck. I am only human.

But what about the blog!? The blog will be just fine. I actually think my over-shopping has been taking me farther away from my initial mission and reason for starting Super Style Me in the first place which is developing a personal style through many means–shopping for new things only being one of them. Notice that I haven’t had a DIY project posted in a while? Exactly. I lost my way even this early in the game. Also, I want to learn more about the business end of blogging, but I’ve been a little afraid of moving forward. It’s an easy cycle to fall into to get dressed up, take some pictures, and post an outfit every few days; however, doing that and only that over and over is keeping me from growing this little venture into what it truly can be.

That being said, I still have many things I’ve bought in the last few weeks that haven’t made it on the blog yet, so I have potential outfit posts for weeks. Also, I love it when bloggers repeat garments in inventive ways. Rebecca, The Clothes Horse is one of the first fashion blogs I’ve followed, and in her Sunday Remix, she shows how certain pieces reappear in her daily outfits even after years of blogging. I believe this very concept is great for everyone, and it could work well for the plus-size community because we unfortunately don’t always have the variety of clothing as standard sizes do. Why not show multiple ways to wear the same thing? I’ve also been taking a look at the One Suitcase Series on Outfit Posts. While this advice is meant more for what to wear while traveling, I think there are many good takeaways for mixing and matching your wardrobe for seasonal and lifestyle purposes.

Hopefully, my little shopping break will help me re-imagine my closet and my blog. Sometimes when faced with limitations, we become our most creative selves, and money can’t buy that! Thanks for sticking with me while I figure it all out. I promise, it will be fun!


I am so excited to be doing my first Style Study! Each week I’ll share fashion tips, DIYs, and show what goes into making a great outfit. There are many more to come, so check in every Monday for a new one.

Sometimes your wardrobe has to keep up with the ever-changing weather, and that has never been truer than this year. Even here in in South Louisiana, we haven’t been immune from the polar vortex along with having occasional days of unseasonably warm weather. We’ve had ice storms followed by days with temperatures up in the 70s followed by more ice storms. Not to mention, it’s that wonderful time of the year our favorite websites and stores introduce their spring and summer styles, and I don’t know about you, but I want to wear everything new NOW.

I found this great dress shopping on Modcloth for the first time. I had heard of them and their cute vintage-style dresses and outfits before, but I had no idea that they had clothes in my size. Now I’m a Modcloth addict. Here are two ways to wear their Literary Luncheon Dress: one way for when there’s still a chill in the air and another way for when it starts to warm up.

Outfit #1


Check out this cold-weather look. Granted, I’m not as bundled up as those of you up north would be, but this would also look great layered under a black pea coat. Leggings have been my winter uniform, and, yes, I do often wear them as pants. Don’t judge me, they’re stretchy. These are from Avenue, and they’re super comfortable. I also paired it with a denim jacket from Torrid and some black ankle boots from Jessica London. The accessories are from unlikely places. I like pairing bright colors together, especially since I’m a recovering all-black wearing fashion ninja. The bright blue scarf is from Walmart, which is actually a great place to grab little extras for outfits. The Yankees hat I bought on the mean streets of NYC when I was on a high school trip—not because I like baseball but because I was cold and it made me feel a little gangsta.

Outfit #2


The second look shows how this dress can transition to warmer weather. Just like I paired the mustard yellow and bright blue in the previous picture, I picked bright red accents with a purse thrifted from Goodwill and red dahlia earrings from 2nd & Charles (here’s a similar pair from Modcloth if you want to order online). Leopard print always adds a little “spring” to my step, so I decided to accent the outfit with a pair of heels from Lane Bryant and a DIY statement necklace. I found the how-to here through Pinterest. An extra tip, I actually cut up a leopard bandana that I found from Hobby Lobby since the project didn’t require a lot of fabric.


I’m personally used to skirts and dresses that are a little bit longer than this one. While there are times that I would rock this dress as is, in this photo I added a black pencil skirt from Lane Bryant beneath. I think it’s kind of cool to treat the bottom of the dress like an elongated peplum, and it’s even another option for an occasion when I’d want to be a bit more modest.


There you have it! Don’t be afraid to get creative with colors and accessories. There are so many more ways to embellish a dress with a simple silhouette like this one. All you have to do is go for it and have fun!

Making Progress!

February 10, 2014 — 2 Comments

I hope to have this blog looking spiffy in t-minus one week when I’ll have my first outfit post! Meanwhile, check me out on Instagram and Polyvore (@superstylemeblog), and I’ve also been showing up in the Modcloth Style Gallery. See ya soon!

bobbin dress

Dress: Modcloth, Jacket: Torrid, Leggings: Avenue, Boots: Jessica London, Necklace: Maurices, Earrings: Charming Charlie