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The following is a comprehensive list of the places I shop for the clothes I wear on the blog. I’m only including retailers that offer a variety of clothes above size 24 (or up to extra wide width for shoes) and places I’ve shopped. Please note that many, but not all, of the entries contain affiliate links where I get a percentage of sales dollars if a purchase is made after the click (mostly the ones with picture logos because they are made available to me). Affiliate or not, you will always get my honest opinion based on my experience, and I want this to be as complete of a list as possible to help anyone who needs to shop for larger plus sizes. If there’s a place you’d like for me to try out, please leave me a comment so I can add it to the list!

Avenue: sizes 14-26, select styles in 28-32
When it comes to plus size clothing, Avenue is one of the established “OG” brands, much like Lane Bryant. Lately I’ve been going to Avenue for foundational pieces like leggings and hosiery, but they’re still worth a look for other things, too. Avenue’s advantage is they go up a bit higher in sizes with select styles in 28-32, so I go there for jeans and pants when other places don’t quite “measure up.”

Cato Fashions: up to size 28W
You can find some good dresses and outfits here and there from Cato. I’ve only gone to their store and haven’t used the website. May the odds be ever in your favor! (I couldn’t resist.)
We design. You customize

eShakti: custom sizes 0-36W
When I stumbled across this site not very long ago, I thought I landed in some sort of fairyland. eShakti makes custom dresses, tops, and skirts for all sizes up to 6x. This is a dream come true for me because I can rarely find a dress that fits me everywhere properly due to my proportions. As well as tailoring to your measurements, they also let you customize different things in different style, including skirt length, sleeve style, neckline, and whether or not you want pockets (Who the heck doesn’t want pockets?!). Since ordering from them, I’ve had a few hit or miss experiences. I’ve kept most of what I’ve ordered, but I did have to return one dress so far. Luckily, they have a very good return policy that actually gives you a credit toward your next order. I have also had a few customer service issues with them as well, but they do their best to make things right. They often have wonderful sales, so that’s always a wonderful incentive to give them a try. P.S. Remember custom fitting is made to order and takes extra time, so think ahead.

Gwynnie Bee. Try it free. Wardrobe Rental sizes 10-32.
Gwynnie Bee: sizes 10-32
Gwynnie Bee, or as I like to call it, “Dressflix,” is a subscription service which allows you to try and return garments for a monthly fee. To start, you add clothes from the site to your virtual “closet.” The price of your plan depends on the amount of items you would like to have sent to you from your closet at a time, and if something lands on your doorstep you love, you can buy it at a reduced rate. If you don’t want what they send you, they include a prepaid package for you to mail it back. You may not be the first person to wear the garment, but they do launder items between customers. Personally, I have a complicated relationship with Gwynnie Bee. I love many of the brands they carry, including Kiyonna, Hell Bunny, Cherry Velvet, and Land’s End, and I’ve bought many of the clothes they sent me because the prices can’t be beat. On the down side, not all of their brands are high quality, and I suggest signing up for their trial period (OFFER ENDS SEPTEMBER 30TH 2014!) to test out the waters with unfamiliar designers. I’ve had issues with their website and delivery system as well, but I owe that to them working out the kinks of being a new service. Another suggestion: use the measurements on the size charts of each item rather than solely using the number size since no two brands fit alike!

Jessica London: size 12-40, wide width, wide calf shoes
I’ve bought so many shoes from here and their selection of WW widths keeps getting better and better. I don’t have much experience with their clothes, but I’m working on it!

Kiyonna: sizes 10-32
Stay classy, ladies! Kiyonna has high-quality dresses and separates that great for special occasions, evenings out, and dressier workplaces. Their prices are a bit higher than some places, but most of what they sell are investment pieces that you can wear for years to come. I’ve also seen Kiyonna items on other sites, including Gwynnie Bee, Pin Up Girl Clothing, and Modcloth, so be aware of sales those places might have.

Lane Bryant: sizes 14-28
This one seems like a no-brainer. I remember my teen years when my entire wardrobe came from here because they were the only plus size retailer that had clothes I liked. While we totally have more options now, LB is still a great place to stock up, especially on basics like knit tops, jeans, and unmentionables (Ha! I mentioned them!) from their Cacique lingerie line. I know we all hate junk mail, whether it is email or snail mail, but trust me when I say you should join every list they have! They’re always having huge sales in store and online and their coupons save can save you a huge chunk of change.

Maurices: up to size 28
Maurices has kind of a “juniors” vibe to me, so I don’t shop there very often. I have gotten a few tops and knit vests there that I love, so while I don’t always buy a whole bunch from them, I always check them out–and they have cute accessories!

Modcloth: up to size 30
Modcloth isn’t just a great place to shop. It’s also a happenin’ destination for fashion tips and a wonderful way to be a part of a stylish community. I found many of my favorite fashion bloggers through their Style Gallery. As for their clothes, they have great retro appeal with tons of ‘50s and ‘60s style dresses and skirts, but they also have enough modern pieces that you won’t feel like you walked straight out of the Brady Bunch (unless that’s your thing, then go for it). Their house brands, Bea & Dot and Myrtlewood, come in their full size range, and there is a huge selection above size 16 in the other brands they carry, and their product descriptions and customer reviews help to make sure that cute little dress is a perfect fit. They’ve recently launched their #FASHIONTRUTH campaign which promotes fashion for all, which means they’re more conscientious about carrying more garments in as many sizes as possible. They also have stylin’ accessories and home décor there, too.

Old Navy (Online): up to size 30
When Old Navy first introduced their plus size line, I wasn’t impressed mainly because the fit wasn’t right. In fact, with most things I ordered from them way back when the garments with simultaneously too big and too small especially with pants and jeans that would have a super loose waist and be tight in the hips and thighs. Luckily, nowadays they’ve improved their proportions and I own several things from them that I am quite happy with, especially my Rockstar fit jeans. I really wish they would carry their plus sizes in stores, though, so I could try things on before I buy them. My advice is if you’re new to trying their clothes, test a few things out so you can get an idea of how their sizes run, and return what doesn’t work.

Pin Up Girl Clothing: size XS-4X
Shake, rattle, and roll! If you’re looking for rockabilly style, PUG is for you! I love their classic silhouettes and fun prints, especially those in their house brands. They can be a bit pricey, but every garment is high quality and well-constructed. I always get giddy when I see a fellow blogger in one of their dresses or skirts. Jenny rules!

Shop Simply Be!
Simply Be: size 10-28, wide width/wide calf shoes
A British retailer that’s gaining in popularity, I’ve only worn a pair of wide-calf boots from them, mostly because other times I’ve tried to get things from them, they’ve been out of stock in my size. Maybe this is a sign that they actually have some great clothes that people love, but I haven’t gotten to experience it firsthand. They’re beginning to offer many items like jeans, dresses, and swimwear in different fits depending on your curviness in addition to the numerical size. They also offer a wide selection of boots in a variety of calf sizes, but that’s when they are in stock. If there’s something you see of theirs that you love, jump on it quick! I just ordered a swimsuit from them, and fingers crossed, it ‘s still in stock. Oh, and if you ever have to call their customer service, they’re super nice AND British, so you feel like you’re having a chat with a Spice Girl.

Shop Now at Torrid.com!
Torrid: sizes 12-28
Trendy and edgy, Torrid is for you if you like to add a little tough-girl style to your look. Some of my favorite jeans come from there, and they’ve got a great selection of fun wide-width shoes. Amid all of the graphic tees, black, and animal print, you can find some killer wear to work pieces if your job requires you to dress up a little. And my little secret, while they advertise going up to a size 28, you can find some styles in 5x, which according to their size chart is a 30/32. They also offer similar incentives to Lane Bryant, so definitely join their rewards program.

I’m not kidding.

Buy Shoes at Zappos.com

If you need larger-size, wider-width shoes, Zappo’s is a great place to go. I always find really good basic styles there that I can wear with a variety of outfits. Also, they ship fast. I’m convinced that all you have to do is think about ordering a pair of shoes, and they’ll be there the next morning.

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